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Help Entities Configuring GLPI 0.83.6

Someone can you please tell me that setting two entities in GLPI v 0.83.6 the following screen appears:

-    Entidad Raíz (Principal)
         -    Entidad Raíz (Padre)
                o    Entidad 1 (Hija 1)
                o    Entidad 2 (Hija 2)
-    Entidad Raíz(Padre)
-    Entidad 1(Hija 1)

I am setting two entities daughter of a principal, ie ENTITY Root (main) Root Entity (Father) 1 ENTITY (daughter 1) ENTITY 2 (Daughter 2) and repeat the visualization shows the ENTITY Raiz (father) and Entity 1 (Daughter 1) repeatedly.

You can configure the software so that it can perform user logeo and choose the entity to enter, this would help a lot to prevent the user to log into the ticket system does not belong. Or is there a way to fix the ticket and transfer it to the correct entity.

Thank you very much for your attention and prompt reply.


Re: Configuring Entities GLPI 0.83.6

yes,  it is possible to have a "default  entity" for   groups and/or user, and yes you can control the ticket flow using "rules", lets say, your user recides in ....Entidad 2 when he creates a ticket in  the rules you can tell that the tickets belong to "Entidad Raíz (Padre)" and below are assigned to a supporter in the "Entidad Raíz (Principal)" supporters group.

this model "Entidad Raíz (Principal)........"  and so on, are  what you want or are what you have ?

i think  more info is needed from you so can you receive help with your design