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#1 2014-03-04 18:15:17

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BUG GLPI 0.84.2 assignment Escalation Levels

hello , sorry for my writing in English .

Currently we GLPI 0.84.2 installed on a Debian server 5.5.35-0 + wheezy1

For some time and after that we do the upgrade from version 0.83.6 to 0.84.2 , we have had bugs with an SLA ( Service Level Agreement ), specifically in the setting of levels for each SLA Escalation ( Service Level Agreement ) . The bug is that each time the user logs an incident or request case the system is automatically configured to assign a technician determined and / or supervisor by category for the SLA ( Service Level Agreement ) selected. The system for allocating 499 times a technician and supervisor respectively.

Additionally, if the module configuration levels within the SLA ( Service Level Agreement ) is revised appears at the bottom with a warning symbol '! ' LOST .

What can it be? Any solution other than that you run the delete query for additional allocations for 498 supervisors and / or technicians assigned in the software GLPI respect for each case .

Specified above is the show in this Word document that can be downloaded at the following link: … %20SLA.png


#2 2014-03-05 10:06:34

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Re: BUG GLPI 0.84.2 assignment Escalation Levels

Have to try to update to the last 0.84 version ?
Really strange because ticket user link have a unicity constraint

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