Topic: allassets.php problem - items are not shown

Good day, members of the GLPI-Project forum!
After updating to the latest version 9.1.2, a problem with the global inventory list (allassets.php) has appeared. There is no one item in the list. In debug mode, an error is displayed: "Unknown column 'glpi_softwarelicenses.contact' in 'field list'".
Is this our local error or a common (bug) error in update 9.1.2?
Are there ways to fix this error and restore the global inventory list?


Re: allassets.php problem - items are not shown

To work around the problem, added the column "contact" to the table glpi_softwarelicenses.
ALTER TABLE glpi_softwarelicenses ADD contact VARCHAR(255) AFTER users_id_tech

http://demo.glpi-project.org/front/softwarelicense.php  - Access denied - why?
Can someone be interested.
If it`s not a new bug аnd in the next version the problem will be solved, this topic can be closed.