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Hi there

Is it possible to assign multiple entities to a single user?

My categories have entities 8
But my projects (plugin project mgmt) are dedicated to it's own entity.
Is it possible to combine those 2 entities in the user profiles ( or multiple records) so that my user can see the categories when creating a ticket and only be able to see it's own project?

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Re: Multiple entities / single user

You can assign the number of different entities you want for a same user.
He will select wanted entity by clicking on the list on the menu header of glpi

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Re: Multiple entities / single user

It just doesn't seem to work for me.

In the GUI I only can assign one entity. The second one won't appear.
When I try to write directly to the table (glpi_profiles_users) I get the following error
"1062 - Duplicate entry '4541' for key 'users_id'

The second row is what I try to add

id          users_id      profiles_id     entities_id      is_recursive     is_dynamic
9041       4541           21                85                 0                   0
(NULL)     4541           18                9                  1                   0

any suggestions ?



Re: Multiple entities / single user

This may or may not be your problem, but I believe I remember experiencing a similar issue. Ensure your Super Admin has recursive rights set from your root entity. This *should* allow you to assign multiple entities.

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Re: Multiple entities / single user

Hi there

Thank you very much for the feedback. i've tried it but my super-admin user (myself) has recursive (root) rights ...

any other suggestions ?