Topic: problems installing the plugin OCS Import

Hello everyone,

download the plugin and copy it on the route glpi / plugin .. i followed the directions.

-Changing The owner of all files and directories to the apache user, my server is on Windows and do not know how to do this step
- Make executable scripts in the scripts directory, Ok
- Log into GLPI, Ok
-in The Setup menu "Plugins click Import mass OCS, but the latter not incon Install me, which makes me faltal or appears because I do not have this option available


Re: problems installing the plugin OCS Import

Version of GLPI used?
Version of plugin OCSNG?

CentOS 6.5 - PHP 5.6 - PHP 7 - MySQL 5.6  + APC + memcached
GLPI 0.90.5 SVN - GLPI 9.1.3 SVN