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#1 2020-11-21 11:41:10

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GLPI 9.5.2-Service Level Hierarchy/Naming and Improvement Suggestions

Hi everyone.

I recently updated my GLPI from an ancient, outdated version to the latest 9.5.2 release and I'm trying to understand the new Service Level structure.

I'm having a hard time understanding the purpose of naming a service level (and creating/including/configuring SLAs and OLAs) inside of it, since I couldn't find any way to assign that Service Level to a Ticket anywhere.
I assume that including SLAs and OLAs under a named Service Level serves the purpose of making it easy to organize them, but even for ticket business rules, those SLAs and OLAs don't show under a Service Level hierarchy, but under Entity hierarchy.

That said, is that a purpose for this organization/hierarchy that I might be failing to notice?

I also have some suggestions for making the Service Level name more useful, IMHO:
1) Allow assigning a Service Level to a Ticket, resulting in  TTOs and TTRs from SLAs and OLAs from that Service Level being applied to that Ticket;
2) Allowing the same experience as item 1 to be applied in Business Rules for Tickets;
3) Maintaining the possibility of evaluating and assigning TTOs and TTRs to Tickets - as currently happens - but display the hierarchy of them, regarding the Service Level, not only the Entity; i.e.; Entity --> Service Level --> SLA | OLA;

Thanks in advance for any clarifications provided.


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