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#1 2020-11-18 10:41:45

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Readout of Dot1x Ports from CISCO switches (IEEE 802.1X)

Hello Everyone,

We are currently implementing GLPI as the inventory management system for our hospital. However, we have met a bit of a roadblock.
For security and convenience reasons we have implemented IEE 802.1x on our switches (Cisco port type dot1x).
We now have the Issue that FusionInventory is unable to read out the MAC address connected to such a port.

Does anyone of you know a reason for this?

Currently undertaken steps:
- used different versions of GLPI
- added ciscos and its dependencies
- used snmp-mibs-downloader to get additional MIBs

The Server is currently running
- Debian 10 Buster (4.19.0-12-amd64)
- GLPI 9.5.2
- FusionInventory 9.5.0+1.0

Update: FusionInventory is able to read out some of the connected devices' MAC addresses, but they don't show up in GLPI (They do appear in the XML files generated by FusionInventory, but are not associated to the device in GLPI)

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