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#1 2019-09-13 19:05:32

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getSpecificValueToDisplay NOT working in profile.class.php -GLPI 9.4.3

Starting at Line 2468 in profile.class.php file (GLPI 9.4.3)
The output of the getSpecificValueToDisplay function should be changing string displayed for the "Assistance - Associable items to a ticket" column.
It displays:
    ["Computer","Monitor","NetworkEquipment","Peripheral","Phone","Printer","Software", "DCRoom", "Rack", "Enclosure"]
When the code indicates it should be displaying:
       Computers, Monitors, Network Devices, Devices, Phones, Printers, Software, Server rooms, Racks, Enclosures

Also the function getSpecificValueToSelect does not appear to be generating the dropdown for "Assistance - Associable items to a ticket"


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