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#1 2019-09-09 18:24:33

Registered: 2019-09-07
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Connect to Database confusion

The Database connection setup screen is confusing as I could not figure why it would not connect.

The reason is because I was entering the DB name into SQL server text box... but it does not want the DB name on this screen, it is actually asking for host here.

So the text box that says:
SQL server (MariaDB or MySQL)
is very unclear for new users and first time installers... I have never seen an install where it asks for the db user and password on one screen and then the database name on the next screen.

This box should have additional information, something like:
SQL server/MariaDB/MySQL Host (Try localhost or Database name will be requested on the next screen.)

So the box name needs to be more clear that it is looking for the HOST and not the DB NAME, and it since 99.9% of PHP installs ask for DB Name on same page as DB User/Password, there should also be a note that you will ask for this info on the next screen.


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