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#1 2019-04-03 17:56:30

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All associated items unassociated after transfer of Asset

In GLPI version 9.3 when I transfered an asset between entities all of the associated items transferred with it.
Now in 9.4 ( when I transfer an asset to a different entity only some of the associated items transfer, the rest are unassociated and have to either be recreated in the new entity or reassociated after the transfer.

This has a lot of the same characteristics is this post,, but instead of occurring on deleted it is occurring on transfer.
Like if I move an asset all of the documents associations are removed and they also are not transferred with the asset to the other entity.
Also any association between licenses or assets and document is removed when an item is transferred.

Right now I am going to have to revert back to 9.3 until this can be fixed as this has become a breaking bug for me.
I know this isn't a lot of info to use and I'm happy to provide any other information that might be needed.


#2 2019-06-13 15:15:39

From: Sillery (51)
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Re: All associated items unassociated after transfer of Asset

Some correction were made for transfer. Try the latest version: 9.4.2

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