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#1 2019-06-13 00:09:33

Registered: 2019-06-12
Posts: 1

Problem with mailgate (Create tickets with mail)

GLPI 9.4.2 version
Linux with Host: Hostgator dedicated server

Im set on Crontab with server, this got only 2 tickets and stopped.
Now i see this error:

Mine php-errors.log return this:

[2019-06-12 18:47:05] glpiphplog.ERROR: Toolbox::userErrorHandlerNormal() in /home/chamados/public_html/inc/toolbox.class.php line 659
  *** PHP Notice(8): Trying to get property of non-object
  Backtrace :
  inc/mailcollector.class.php:823                    MailCollector->getHeaders()
  inc/mailcollector.class.php:678                    MailCollector->buildTicket()
  inc/mailcollector.class.php:1794                   MailCollector->collect()
  :                                                  MailCollector::cronMailgate()
  inc/crontask.class.php:829                         call_user_func()
  front/cron.php:77                                  CronTask::launch()
  {"user":"","mem_usage":"0.000\", 17.29Mio)"}

Help me, i need put tickets from mail on my GLPI hosted on Hostgator.


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