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#1 2019-06-07 17:32:53

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LDAP directory and email expressions

Hello everyone!

I found a problem which prevents me from implementing GLPI in my company.

Basically, we have a mail domain ( and an alias ( My AD users are writing from both domains and I want GLPI to specify both email addresses in the users' properties. So I go to Setup/Authentication/LDAP directories/<MY_LDAP_CONNECTOR>/Users and try to fill the field 'Email' with a value ${samaccountname} and 'Email 2' with ${samaccountname} But after synchronization no email addresses appears in the user's properties. The only way to import email addresses from LDAP is to specify 'mail' in the 'Email' field.

That is quite interesting because if I specify ${samaccountname} in the other field (for ex in 'Phone' or 'Mobile phone') the email address with the correct domain name appears in that field but it doesn't work with 'Email' fields at all.

Dear Community,
could you please help me to solve this issue? GLPI version is 9.4.2, LDAP version is Active Directory 2012

Thank you!
Best regards,
Ilya Pelevin


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