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#1 2018-08-16 15:02:26

Registered: 2009-09-25
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Bug manufacturersimports / Suppliers imports

i think there is a bug in manufacturersimports.

It looks like when i use the HP Computer import, that the partnumber (pn) is not included in the post command.
Some computer works and some doesn't.

For a workaround i have added a fixed partnumber to the post command in the hp.class.php file.

      $info['post'] = ['apiKey'    => $key,
                       'apiSecret' => $apisecret,
                       'grantType' => 'client_credentials',
                       'scope'     => 'warranty',
                       'sn'        => rtrim($compSerial),
                       'pn'        => 'G7T32AV',

With this modification it works. Of corse there should be the right partnumber, but my php skills are very limited.

GLPI 9.3.0
Suppliers imports    2.1.1

Best regards


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