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#1 2018-08-09 21:05:22

From: Quebec, Canada
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ticket creation via Email / Parsing Option


Is there a way, to set different options in a ticket opening by email through a standard email template :

ex :

Location : xyz
Category : xyz

If the info is not there, so be it, ticket will be opened by email and a tech will have to fill those info later.

But, we're looking with one of our customer that his system can open a ticket from within his own system by simply sending us a standard formated email (his info and ours match, so the system could specify what queue, type of call it's placing, what location is impacted). They are using Heat, currently our system already talk to each other for updates (since the ticket # on both sides exist in the email subject and is treated properly). But we have yet to figure out how to automate the OPENING process.

Our other option would be through the REST API most likely, but this will require more development on either parts (Although i have little custom code in our GLPI system, i try to keep it as close as possible to the stock form, much easier to trouble shoot)

Everything else is already functionnal. (The collectors, entity and what not)

I've been looking for this info through out googe/forum etc.... and always end up with How to set email collectors... and clearly that part i already have covered.

Does that info exist somewhere, has to what fields can be set through an email, and what's the specific format to use. Or is it using the same format as the ones used for notifications ? (Ill be honest, i did not test that part yet, hoping someone has a quick answer before spending hours testing different scenarios)

Thanks in advance


#2 2018-08-09 22:57:00

Registered: 2012-11-19
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Re: ticket creation via Email / Parsing Option

you can play with business rules or play with multiple collectors :
ie : printer.glpi@mydomain

with business rule :
if mailgate is "myMailGate" and title regular expression match *cat=cat1* then associate cat1

if mailgate is "myMailGate" and decription  regular expression match *location : xyz* then associate location xyz

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