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#1 2014-05-05 09:18:35

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Who's Managing Translation?


     First  off, I'd like to thank the project for one of the sharpest pieces of open source software I"ve seen in years. Hard to believe it's free. I don't think I've ever contributed directly to a project before, but I'm seeing  evidence on the forums of difficulty getting the English version of the docs out, going back until at least 2009 (I installed a test version in '10), and I think I'd like to help.  I'm going to be using this a lot.

    So I figure if I was good for a page a week using something like Google Translate, I could make a small dent. Ten of us could do 520 pages in a year, and that would be a large chunk of any one manual, right? It sounds simple enough. I'm probably over-simplifying.

    I am most recently having trouble getting Google Translate to do my own translations of GLPI, with the error message 'This page was not retrieved from its original location over a secure connection.' . I haven't  dug into that yet. 

  It's such great software that I'd go ahead without ANY documentation and if I absolutely had to I'd dig into the source for clues. But that said, I'd be happy to do the relatively simple task of translating pages on a regular basis. I think lots of new downloaders would feel the same way if they were prompted nicely upon install, for example. Also, where's the main repository of the current version?  Sorry if any of this appears elsewhere, but I think that information should be a sticky near the top of this thread.

  I've done a bit of searching, but I haven't found any guidelines yet. Where do I go to sign up, and what should I use? Do you assign pages?  Please let me know.



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