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#1 2014-01-28 13:42:42

Registered: 2014-01-28
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file-Link does not work under 'Management' --> 'Documents'

As before requested in … p?id=30265 we have a problem too with "Web Link" under Management --> Documents.

"Web Link" only works for `h ttp:// but not for f ile://`
(Spaces are inserted simply because the forum allows only one link per posting)

When inserting a file link, for example: `f ile://///server/path/document.txt`
firefox for example tries to open the document without colon like `f ile/////server/path/document.txt` (colon is missing). So the link does not work. If you put in the colon manually, the link works without any problems.

It would be very comfortable to open and save (!) all server manuals directly from and to the fileserver.
Is this a bug that will be fixed in the near future or is it a behavour by design?

thanx for any answer


#2 2014-01-29 10:13:11

GLPI - Lead
From: Poitiers
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Re: file-Link does not work under 'Management' --> 'Documents'

I try to permit file: on document link but on IE or firefox the link is not usable.

file:// is not allow on href

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