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#1 2013-10-23 06:28:50

Registered: 2013-05-24
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Broken task

I accidentally created a task in ticket with an empty description. Description can not be edited, the page immediately freezes.

GLPI  version 0.84.2
behaviors                        Version: 0.84       State: Enabled
resources                        Version: 2.0.1      State: Enabled
additionalalerts              Version: 1.6.0      State: Enabled
mreporting                      Version: 2.0          State: Enabled
projet                                Version: 1.4.0      State: Enabled
reports                              Version: 1.7.0      State: Enabled

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#2 2013-10-23 08:23:14

GLPI - Lead
From: Poitiers
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Re: Broken task

do not understand why it's freezing.
Do a test and I could edit the task just clicking on it.
Do you have messages in debug mode ? or logs in files ?

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