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#1 2013-08-14 17:48:14

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Transfer bug (glpi v.84)

when trying to transfer tickets from the Root entity to the child, any item with a supplier failed.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Supplier::findID() in /usr/share/glpi/inc/transfer.class.php on line 2249

supplier is in the root entity and Child entities is set to yes.


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#2 2013-08-14 21:08:43

GLPI - Lead
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Re: Transfer bug (glpi v.84)

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#3 2013-08-15 15:51:40

Registered: 2008-03-18
Posts: 17

Re: Transfer bug (glpi v.84)

Thank you , the proposed file allowed me to transfer the tickets that had been assigned to suppliers.

For your Information:
When the transfer was complete, I navigated to     Home >    Assistance >    Tickets  and the following message was on the top of the screen. (it occurred once for each item transferred)
Cannot update item: not enough right on the parent(s) item(s)

It only happened when moving items from the root to a child entity.  I transferred a ticket from child to root and did not get the warning. 

I am using glpi as  Root entity (tree structure)

This is just for your information as the transfer was successful and Im not sure if the message is an error or as designed.



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