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#1 2013-06-13 15:41:45

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Problem with mail-gateway -> ticket creation


We are using glpi 0.83.4 and everything works fine.
The mail-receiver in glpi is connected via imap to our exchange server which manages our email domain.
Automatic ticket creation by receiving mails, is working with one exception.

Emailaddress in mailreceiver is
Some of us added this exchange account to outlook as second account, to manually copy mails into this account.
Tickets are created from this mails as it should except mails which are formerly send to our addresses or which both are distribution groups.

For example, if we manually copy a mail into the ticket account which was formerly send to info@ or shopping@ and manually klick on "get mail tickets" glpi shows "1 mail available and received". After that mail is deleted from glpi in the ticket account, but glpi have not created a ticket from this mail.

I have checked all logfiles at time of this error from /usr/share/glpi/files/_logs but cant see any errors.

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#2 2013-08-30 18:14:59

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Re: Problem with mail-gateway -> ticket creation


I have very similar problem with GLPI  0.83.6.
Email creation works fine when I send mail to

But when I send the email to a distribution group, eg. which sends toward to ithelpdesk@ an I manually klick on "get mail tickets" glpi shows "1 mail available and received", but glpi don't not create any ticket from this mail.

I can not find any related error messages in log files.

Is there any comparison in mail processing routines, to filter out those mails where "To:" field doesn't match with mailgate's email address?
I think somewhat this should cause the problem.

Any suggestion or work around?

Thanks in advance!


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