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#1 2020-10-27 21:25:45

Registered: 2020-01-31
Posts: 32

bug when i create a printer with gabarit


i must restart my adress bar for create a printer with gabarit
it's work but i restart always my adress bar       /front/printer.form.php?id=234&withtemplate=2

in php-errors  i have this


[2020-10-27 22:11:52] glpiphplog.CRITICAL:   *** Uncaught Exception RuntimeException: Cannot guess  in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\inc\commondbchild.class.php at line 867
  Backtrace :
  inc\features\clonable.class.php:68                 CommonDBChild::getItemField()
  inc\commondbtm.class.php:1234                      Printer->post_clone()
  inc\commondbtm.class.php:1070                      CommonDBTM->clone()
  front\printer.form.php:50                          CommonDBTM->add()
i m uninstall the plug in Field

in line 867 (it's that code : ''throw new \RuntimeException('Cannot guess ');'' )

any idea for solve

thank i love glpi


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