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#1 2020-10-14 22:00:00

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Install GLPI 9.5.2 on OVH The action you have requested is not allowed

Hi everyone,

Please help me with this installation topic.

I tried to install GLPI version 9.5.2 on the OVH web hosting but I still have this persistent error message "The action you have requested is not allowed." in the 1st step of language selection.

I did the following steps:

1- After downloading this version and extracting it, I put the files in a sub-directory of "www" with FileZilla
2- I created a subdomain that I pointed to this glpi folder

3- And to avoid any problem, give permissions for all the directory, not "files" and "config" only
4- go to the "my" subdomain, it gives me the first language choice page,

then as soon as I click OK, it displays this error message "The action you have requested is not allowed." sad ........

5- I then created the "config_db.php" file put in the "config" folder and still nothing
<? php
class DB extends DBmysql {
var $ dbhost = "server_host";
var $ dbuser = "my_account";
var $ dbpassword = "my_password";
var $ dbdefault = "my_account";
6- I also created the tables manually, from the "glpi-empty.sql" file in the path: install / mysql

I count on your contribution and thank you in advance


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