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#1 2011-02-01 20:24:16

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Forum rules, better translated.

They're slightly botched -- I'm not a L10N guy but to make things more clear:


- Avoid posting SMS-style messages - your questions and advice will be better understood.

- Do not post the same message in multiple topics: it's annoying.

- Do not write directly to developers for support unless you have been explicitly requested to.

- Respect the subjects of discussion and always give explicit responses.

- Do not add "Urgent," "Help" or "....", it is useless. You will not be priority

- Do not post advertisements for businesses or products: this is not the place.

- Do not post gratuitous insults or use coarse language: your mom should be able to read this forum.

- Racist, fascist, homophobic, defamatory are not tolerated: you will be warned.


- Look before asking a question (, search function of the forum, the website, the wiki, etc.)

- Only one question by topic / subject.

- Don't post duplicate threads or bump topics.

- If you have resolved your problem yourself, explain how. This could help others.

- Tag your subjects [resolved] when they are resolved.

- Citation should be used sparingly as it is useless to quote the entire previous post.

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