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#1 2019-07-16 05:31:00

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Windows deleting files it shouldn't delete

A worrying thing has happened to me on Win 7 a couple of times:

1. On a flash drive, I create a new folder, using Windows Explorer
2. I drag and drop a bunch of files from the parent folder into this new folder, via drag and drop in Explorer
3. Later on, I drag and drop those files back to the parent folder
4. I check the Properties of the now-empty folder to make sure it's empty and that Windows knows it's empty. I wait a minute or two to give Windows ample time to adjust itself to the new situation
5. I delete the supposedly empty folder
6. Windows deletes the files from the parent folder as if they're still in the "empty" folder

Unfortunately, I can't just fish them out of the recycle bin because I've done shift-delete to permanently delete them - I trust myself not to make mistakes when I delete files because I routinely work pretty carefully, and until now I've always trusted Windows not to make mistakes with simple file management tasks either. The first time it happened I foolishly blamed myself, and resolved to redouble my efforts to take great care before deleting files in future. The second time it happened I made quite sure I was doing everything exactly right, but the files got zapped anyway. So I'm either going senile (no other evidence of that) or Explorer in Windows 7 has a dangerous bug in it.

Has anybody else seen this behaviour? I tried to reproduce it using files I don't need, but so far haven't been able to. That might be to do with the fact that my test files were very small and the important files that got zapped were rather larger.


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