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#1 2019-07-04 21:29:12

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Some Questions about GLPI


I was installed GLPI 9.4.0 with FusionInventory 9.4.0+1.0 as the useful discovery plugins, all the features is working as expected. Very good job! Thank you so much! Overall I am very satisfied with this FOSS, but I might have a very tiny problem like :

Duplicating items when I running an agent with the same name as the previous one. Do you have any suggestion about this? so I want every time the daemon running, it would check the item already there in Assets or not? if not, it would create a new one; if already there, it would update the current status without adding a new item in the inventory list.

When I checked into the item which imported to the Assets, I found an error messages "An error occured loading contents! Please check GLPI logs or contact your administrator or try to reload." These error appear on the "Import Information" menu. Do you have any clue about this?

How/Where can I customize the home screen (or maybe personal view) by putting a statistical chart or report about Assets Inventory when every time I Log in to the GLPI dashboard.

Thank you!


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