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#1 2019-07-04 20:39:54

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Locked out of Windows 10 and stuck in boot to safe mode without networ

I upgraded to 1903 on my desktop last night. I immediately starting getting Wattman crashes from AMD so I launched the AMD drive cleaner to boot into safe mode and do a clean install.

I am now stuck at the login prompt and can't get it to boot back to regular windows. It is asking for my password and I have tried everything but nothing works. There is no reset password option. I only have shutdown, restart, airplane mode, and accessibility options.

I have been using the pin to login since I first built the PC so I have no idea what it could be since nothing works. If I could get it to boot back to Windows 10 non-safe mode I could login with my pin and reset the local password. Any suggestions on how to do this?

I already tried rolling back to just after the update, but it still immediately boots into safe mode without networking apparently. I would be happy to just remove or change the password on the local admin account if this is another option. I just need my PC and if it comes down to it I guess I will just buy a new SSD and install a clean copy.


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