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#1 2018-10-08 12:51:29

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Hardware and Software Inventory solution? GLPI? Something else?

I am trying to find a database solution to record IT hardware and software assets. It needs to be self-populating but with the facility for manual additions. I'd like it to be running on my own (preferrably Linux) server and provide a web front end that non-technical people can also refer to. The estate is relatively small <100 staff and hosts.

I thought that GLPI with FusionInventory might be a good solution but I have hit a snag. I have set up the server and installed the agent on a test workstation but it seems that any hardware without a unique serial number, e.g. display monitors, is blocked from being listed by a rule. Unfortunately I cannot find the rule in question, the project documentation is severely lacking in English, and there is essentially no activity on the English-Language forum.

Can anyone suggest either

How to edit the rule in question


A working solution for IT hardware and software inventorising



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