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#1 2018-10-03 16:12:07

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Configuring GLPI for AD Authentication


I installed this we have a Freebsd 5.3, Mysql, Apache, php --with_ldap and GLPI.

It's perfect, congratulations to the entire development team.
It is a clear, clean, efficient, stable and USEFUL application.
Thank you.

However, I have a problem:
I have a connection on the Microsoft DC, or turn AD, and my frustration is even greater than even with AD at my disposal, I can not link between the terms ldap (cn, or, dc, ...) and the terms ad (user name, user name (pre-windows), etc ...).

Here is a summary of what I see in AD.

Active Directory Users and Computers []
  + blabla
  + blabla
  + ...
   - orly
     + ...
      - Users (here are my users)
     + .. .
  + blabla
  + ...

User property, 'object' tab, user 'jojo latour'

Fully Qualified Domain Name of Object:

Do you have sufficient information to tell me, under these conditions, what I must enter in:



Thank you in advance.


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