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#1 2018-03-28 12:41:14

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GLPI installation / Configuration instructions?


I am trying to install GLPI on my Synology DS1512+I have PHPmyadmin installed and have no problems accessing it. I have installed the GLPI package. When I run it I get to the initial "Database Connection Setup" screen.No matter what combination of server name, user name password I enter I cannot get past this screen.
The Errors received are:
(Please note that I have entered in "DS1512+ Name" in the place of my DS1512+ name)
Can't connect to the database :
The server answered : Access denied for user 'root'@'"DS1512+ name"' (using password: YES)
Can't connect to the database :
The server answered : Access denied for user 'user'@'"DS1512+ Name"' (using password: YES)
I have tried using the "root" user name and password that works for PHPMyadmin as well as a couple of other databases I have on the server. I have also tried the user name associated with other databases which as far as I can tell has access to all the Mysql databases?
I tried using the NAS server name as the mysql server name as well as the external address I use to access my NAS and every combination I could think of.
I did not create a database in PHPMyadmin as I thought the GLPI setup process would do that like the PHPMyticket and Zarafa I believe asked me for a database name during their installs.Any help would be much appreciated. And if there are a straight forward set of instruction somewhere for setup and use of the GLPI system that would also be appreciated.

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