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#1 2017-11-30 20:21:33

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9.2.1 - Mail attachments for notification attaches all documents

I just installed version 9.2.1 on my test server and tested the document attachment option in the notification email.  It now works, a technician can now attach a document in a follow up and it is going to be sent to the Requester in the notification email.  The problem is, it doesn't just attach the document that was selected in the followup, it will attach ALL documents pertaining to that ticket.  Example : if i do 3 followups with each of them having 1 file, the first followup will attach 1 file, the second will attach the first followup file and the current one, the third one will attach the first, second and current.

And it will even attach a document that was placed in a private followup.  As you can probably guess this will just confuse the requesters plus it's inflating mailboxes with unnecessary documents.  Is it possible to revise this to only place in the notification only the document attached to the followup in question?

GLPI 9.2.1 | Wampserver 3.1.0 | Apache 2.4.27 | PHP 7.1.9 | MySQL 5.7.19


#2 2017-12-01 19:58:47

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Re: 9.2.1 - Mail attachments for notification attaches all documents

I have same problem on same version.


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