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#1 2017-10-23 16:33:33

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One user, multiple profiles

buenos dias estimados, siempre me ayudo este foro y vengo con una duda a ver si me pueden guiar.
Tengo el  GLPI 9.1.4 + FusionInventory 9.1+1.0, actualmente lo usuamos  para que los usuarios generen ticket a soporte tecnico lvl 1 con una plantilla administrativa adecuada con menus y submenos de soporte.
Lo que me estan pidiendo es generar otra plantilla administrativa con diferentes menus, para que trabajen dos sectores totalmente diferente.
Puede un usuario tener 2 plantillas o diferentes perfiles?
Aguardo sus comentarios.
Muchas gracias

Good morning dear, I always help this forum and I come with a doubt to see if you can guide me.
I have the GLPI 9.1.4 + FusionInventory 9.1 + 1.0, currently we use it for users to generate ticket to technical support lvl 1 with a suitable administrative template with menus and support submenus.
What they are asking is to generate another administrative template with different menus, so that they work two totally different sectors.
Can a user have 2 templates or different profiles?
I await your comments.
Thank you very much


#2 2017-10-27 12:04:39

From: Sillery (51)
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Re: One user, multiple profiles

You can add as many profiles as you want.
For dev i have a user with 17 profiles

CentOS 6.5 - CentOS 7
PHP 5.6 - PHP 7 - MySQL 5.6  + APC + oOPcache
GLPI from 0.72 to dev version


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