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#1 2017-10-05 15:56:38

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Only Assets available after test migration

Hi All

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction with an issue I have...

First, I am new to GLPI. What I have done was to set up an instance of GLPI on a Windows platform along with WAMP. All working great, so I started populating it with Assets, Users and a large number of dropdown lists. I did all this in preparation to roll this out at work. Lets call this server 1.

So what I did after this was to set up an exact replica on a work pc. Lets call this server 2.

I then backed up the SQL database and also the GLPI directory on Server 1. On server 2 I restored the backed up SQL database and also copied across the GLPI directory to the correct www location. I also increased the data Import limit from 2MB to 20MB (DATABSE IS ONLY 4 MB)

I then amended the ....\glpi\config\config_db.php file. Restarted all services ( also restarted Server 2). Managed to log on fine to GLPI.
However, I can now only see my assets listed. Users only shows the system defaults and also none of the pre configured dropdown lists are populated.

So, any advice on where I could have gone wrong will be much appreciated as I do not want to roll this out in a work environment if we cannot migrate/DR in future.



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