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#1 2019-01-11 13:55:55

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Microsoft Edge and files upload


I was asked to develop a simple template to submit tickets from our intranet. Because GLPI includes a simple template already, I proceeded into adapting it to our needs and make use of the Rest API. Using the template from the GLPI server everything works without hicups, including uploading files.

I was then asked to make the process without the user having to submit login/password (yeah, SSO), but I had to opt for a far simpler solution because I don't have access to the AD server, which forces me to depend on someone else, and that drives me nuts.

Because ou intranet runs on IIS (v10), so I did install it on my desktop(Windows 10 1809) and copy the necessary files from the GLPI server to the root folder of IIS (with PHP 7.2). This way I can retrieve the domain\user already authenticated and submit the ticket to the GLPI server, and upload files at the same time if necessary. To summarize the process, what I do is:

Template running on a IIS instance -> connect to GLPI server by Rest API -> GLPI server

All browsers that  I tested work, except for Edge. although I can submit tickets, uploading files fails.

I use 2 files, hd.php and send.php

this code it's part of the form on hd.php

<div class="file"><label for="file">File (máx 2 MB): </label>
      <input type="file" name="filename<?php echo $rand ?>[]" id="file" /></div>

and on send.php I have this for the upload part

$inputname = array_keys($_FILES)[0];

$filename  = $_FILES[$inputname]['name'][0];
$filepath  = $_FILES[$inputname]['tmp_name'][0];

if($filename!='') {
// let's proceed a document addition
$response = $api_client->post($base_uri.'/Document', [
   'headers' => [
      'Session-Token' => $sess_token,
      'App-Token' => $app_token
   'multipart' => [
      // the document part
         'name'     => 'uploadManifest',
         'contents' => json_encode([
            'input' => [
               'name'       => $filename,
               '_filename'  => [$filename],
               'itemtype'   => 'Ticket',
               'items_id'   => $ticket_id
      // the FILE part
         'name'     => $filename,
         'contents' => file_get_contents($filepath),
         'filename' => $filename,

Most of you will find the code familiar and its because I make use of the code included on the documentation.

What I did notice is that Edge apparently don't create temporary files. I know that this is nowhere a GLPI problem, but if any of you guys may have an idea about what's going on, it will be very appreciated. Thanks.

Kind regards


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