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#1 2017-11-07 13:11:43

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How to manage Components (Motherboard, CPU, HDD, Memory) separately?

Our company have a lot of components (Motherboard, CPU, HDD, Memory, Cooler, etc) that is not installed into Computers at now, so they stored in different stocks as separate items.
I can't understand how we can manage this items separately in GLPI database, without connecting it to real Computer device?

If I try to add them into /glpi/front/device.php list - I can't set component location (stock), because it is not connected to Computer. SoI can't create list of all items in selected stock, and this info will be not useful for managing disconnected computer components.

If I try to add them into /glpi/front/peripheral.php - I can't convert them to component when installing into Computer and convert back to separate item after uninstalling.

Please give me the link to manual or describe - what is right way to manage computer components separately in GLPI interface?

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#2 2018-09-12 10:20:39

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Re: How to manage Components (Motherboard, CPU, HDD, Memory) separately?

I just also want to change my Asus laptop's motherboard because it is not working properly. I also have contacted to Asus technical support about this and they have resolved my issue

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