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#1 2018-08-30 13:13:48

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Automatic move object in entities and deploy package

Hi all,
I have a
GLPI 9.3.0
FusionInventory 9.3+1.1

I like the product but I'm getting crazy trying to :

1) automatic assignement of right entity based on fusioninventory tag
2) deploy a package to a pc using agent

Agent is able to send information, and I see it in assets. I created under root entity, 8 other entities and defined a rule from
fusioninventory ->rules -> computer entity rules , where criterion is "Fusioninventory tag" "contains" "group", action is "entity" "assign" "Root entity > Group"

I tested and it works, but then? When the rule is applied and how?

My agent and pc still shows as entity "Root Entity"

below xml for my rule

<entities_id>Root entity</entities_id>
<description>Put pc in right entity usoing agent tag</description>
<date_creation>2018-08-29 11:18:21</date_creation>
<value>Root entity &gt; Group</value>

2) I don't know how to start. documentation on fusioninventory website is totally different from what I have, also screenshot are different. It says to select menus I have not.
Anyway I create a package and a task to execute it, but after prepared state, it stays forever in "not done yet" state.

Sorry for the long post, but I look on google and into forum without results.



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