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#1 2019-04-05 10:44:08

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Fusioninventory agent not importing monitors

Hi all!
First of all i would like to thank to the developers for the great job they do!
I really like Fusioninventory and GLPI, is very useful.
Now, about my issue.
At our company, i installed GLPI with Fusioninventory.
The setup was working correctly, i could track all the hardware changes, monitors, even mice!
Now i badly need to make an inventory of the hardware and i discovered that it does not import anymore the monitors.
When i check the connections tab, i have none. I only have the option to manually connect a monitor to a PC. This is not what i want.
Probably an import ignore rule was set, but i cannot discover it.
When i first installed it, i could register many monitors, just by connecing them to a test pc and running the agent, forcing an inventory.
Now the forced inventory or the scheduled inventory does not show any info about monitors.
GLPI is old version (9.1.2), Fusioninventory is also old, matching the GLPI. I want to upgrade them, but first i would like to solve this issue.
Please help me to solve it.

Have a nice day!


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