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#1 2019-03-02 17:59:11

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Immediately I apologize, English and French is not my native language. This is an automatic translation.

First of all, we want to try GLPI for asset accounting. Our accounting may seem strange. There are mandatory positions: the state of the equipment on the balance sheet (we have two categories - fixed assets, material assets); must have an inventory number (which the IT department assigned to it); must have an inventory number in the accounting program; two more old types of numbers in the accounting program; must have financial information (invoice and date of purchase, etc.)
There are not enough available fields, it is necessary to have additional fields. These additional fields must be required.
GLPI is a very powerful program, but difficult to master. I just can not figure out the equipment. There are not enough asset categories in GLPI. How to add a new category is incomprehensible. In other programs, for example snipe-it, asset categories are very easy to add. Who is in the company collects computers from the components? Companies usually use ready-made computers (for example, HP, Dell, and others). For example, in the computer category there are not enough fields - the processor, RAM, hard disk and others.


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