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#1 2018-12-05 20:01:03

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GLPI Email receiver rules rejecting emails

Hello Everyone.
Now i am facing issues regarding Email receiver rules where emails triggered from my customer systems, GLPI is not creating the tickets based on the rules and it is rejecting it. The rule i created was based on "From Email header" what contain customer domain, and another criteria for subject what contains "New Ticket incident" and it is just refusing creating the ticket.
I did then a test by changing the "from email header" to my personal email and i just forwarded the same email it was triggered from my customer to the email receiver registered with GLPI and Shazan! it was created correctly. then the unique explanation i have is that GLPI is refusing somehow the emails what are generated automatically.

Anyone can help me and give me some guidance on how to solve this?
thank you


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