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#1 2018-02-10 01:47:26

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Doubt about SSL

In an old GLPI installation (Centos 7, Apache 2.4) I noticed some system email messages (/var/spool/mail/root) began to appear recently, telling something about an expired ssl certificate or something.

The thing is, we never did any ssl/tls setup, only plain installed glpi. I think it was not considered necessary, we only use glpi within LAN local network. I didn't even imagine we could use https to access the web interface, until I just tried. And when trying I noticed browser displayed the "connection is not secure/private" warning and had to add an exception before being able to access.

1) Is it ok to use glpi with https despite not having any certs and browser's warnings? I always used plain http and now feel a bit nervous by having tried https...

2) If not having any certs, why these system mail messages? Did glpi or apache install some kind of default self-signed certs at some point, which now just expired? Or something?


#2 2018-02-10 19:01:50

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Re: Doubt about SSL

hi bugless
thoses message start to appeard starting 2018 after a huge security breach on every system with tls protocole
linux /windows/mac ==> all the sames
exemple for my wsus i got it, need to applicat correctif and activate https event if not using it in internal
it s the same for linux need to actived it even you are not using it.

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