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#1 2018-02-06 20:04:52

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Entities or Groups? Looking for some advice


I'm looking for a little advice on the structure of my Helpdesk.

A couple departments within my organization would like to use the system that our helpdesk has been using for 8 years. I was flattered that they saw the value in GLPI the way I have. This presents an issue that i'm trying to figure out: should I use Entities or Groups?

Users would maintain a default entity (root entity) as the tickets would be distributed to the separate departments. The departments would be able to submit tickets that would be assigned to our helpdesk department if needed, but also would be able to act as technicians and add tasks to tickets assigned to them.

Ideally, a user would submit a ticket and based on the category it would be assigned to the department via rules. I don't believe there is a rule to assign a ticket based on the category to an entity.

I would prefer that the departments see tickets as "New" when assigned to an entity which is why I wasn't sure about using groups. I also have some security concerns putting them in the same entity as our technology department.

Another piece: One department manages some labs and would like to utilize fusion inventory for their labs viewing the machines separately.

I want to make this as automated as possible (hopefully using the rules engine) and do not want to transfer tickets to entities manually.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


#2 2018-02-06 20:54:11

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Re: Entities or Groups? Looking for some advice

I guess, you should use Groups.
Look Entities like Factories with different ticket management, different departments and different users.
This doesn't means you can't send tickets from one Entity to another.

I use departaments like Groups and a centralized department that works as Level 1, so they route the ticket to the correct Dept (Group).

In one Entity all groups can watch the Assets but you can determine what Profile can Edit, or just watch or make it invisible to them.

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