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#1 2018-01-09 21:56:05

From: Brazil
Registered: 2014-10-22
Posts: 59

Error to Upgrade GLPI 9.1.6 to GLPI 9.2.1

Hi Guys,

Could you help me?

when I try to upgrade the version GLPi 9.1.6 to 9.2.1 is show the error about one table, someone of you have one tip to solve it?
Below i send the error.

Change of the database layout - glpi_problems (1 minutes 17 seconds)

9.2 migrate notifications templates - Error during the database query: INSERT INTO `glpi_notifications_notificationtemplates` (`notifications_id`, `mode`, `notificationtemplates_id`) SELECT `id`, `mode`, `notificationtemplates_id` FROM `glpi_notifications` - Error is Duplicate entry '1-mail-6' for key 'unicity'

Thanks for your help.

Best REgards

Willian Rocha
Current GLPI version in Use: 9.1.6


#2 2018-01-10 19:42:19

From: Porto Alegre - RS / Brazil
Registered: 2008-08-19
Posts: 31

Re: Error to Upgrade GLPI 9.1.6 to GLPI 9.2.1

I had a similar problem when I did the upgrade.

You have a duplicate name in the table glpi_notifications, as you have 2 items with the '1-mail-6'.

If you have access to the original glpi and are working in a test server you can change that in the production GLPI and export the DB again to the test server.

Or you can change it directly in the DB if you are familiar with SQL or tools like MySQL Workbench.

GLPI 9.1.6
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