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#1 2017-06-19 13:03:06

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Cannot purge computer assets from superadmin user

Hi...I have GLPI installation which interfaced with OCSNG server via OCS plugin...Its configured for auto sync...I want to clean up all the OCSNG asset sync information from my GLPI and do a fresh sync...So I decided to delete all the order to do that first i had disabled the OCSNG sync and plugin..I managed to delete and empty trash of all devices , printer and monitors with out any issue...but computers I able delete ..but cannot empty from trash(Purge)...When i click to remove from trash its end up a white blank screen which have url pointing to massiveaction.php...I had also try to select one item and tried to purge..but same issue...Can any one help what is the wrong..I m trying to purge from super admin profile user which have full privileges on all options.


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