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#1 2018-03-06 11:59:56

Registered: 2016-02-11
Posts: 53

[GLPI 9.2.1 ] machine lock problem [Urgent]

in 9.2.1, I have this message when viewing computers:
Locked elements
You do not use locks - View configuration to enable them
No locked elements

we have just lost a very large amount of data, since the locks have been disabled. How to reactivate them? How to recover my data?
The transition to 9.2.1 raises many concerns.
Glpi used with fusion and ocs of course.
I'm sorry but no one can tell me how to turn lock on and why it's unlocked. Thank you. Am I the only one to have this problem?
There are posts that have locks enabled and no others are the biggest part!

thanks, during the migration to 9.2.1, I reactivated the locks, they were disabled! But at first it's useless since I still have the message on some computers that have lost a lot of data on the so-called locked fields.
Why glpi tells me:

    You do not use locks - View configuration to enable them

Should we go to base and force lock to YES but in which table?

after :
I am completely blocked. I just made a base update to reset the locks (complex) and content in status and type and 15 minutes after the status is overwritten .......... Message you do not use locks ..

I'm fed up. Nobody to help me? Nobody uses merge with ocs and glpi 9.2.1 Using ...

my config:
fields Name: Additional Fields Version: 1.7.0 State: Enabled
    fusioninventory Name: FusionInventory Version: 9.2 + 1.0 State: Enabled
    racks Name: Bay Management Version: 1.8.0 State: Enabled
    manufacturersimports Name: Imports Manufacturers Version: 2.0.0 State: Enabled
    datainjection Name: File Injection Version: 2.5.0 State: Enabled
    ocsinventoryng Name: OCS Inventory NG Version: 1.4.3 State: Enabled
    quality control Name: Quality Control Plugin Version: 1.0 State: Enabled
    transferticket Name: Ticket Transfer Plugin Version: 1.0 State: Enabled
    wol Name: Wake On Lan Plugin Version: 1.0 State: Enabled
    purgelogs Name: Purge History Version: 1.3.0 State: Enabled
    surveyticket Name: Questionnaire Version: 0.90 + 1.0 State: Enabled
    reports Name: Reports Version: 1.11.0 State: Enabled

Thank you


#2 2018-03-12 12:29:45

From: Sillery (51)
Registered: 2008-01-14
Posts: 14,010

Re: [GLPI 9.2.1 ] machine lock problem [Urgent]

You can't use Fusion Iventory AND OCS inventory NG simultaneously because these two plugins do the same think.
I think the problem come from this.

CentOS 6.5 - CentOS 7
PHP 5.6 - PHP 7 - MySQL 5.6  + APC + oOPcache
GLPI from 0.72 to dev version


#3 2018-03-14 12:22:57

Registered: 2016-02-11
Posts: 53

Re: [GLPI 9.2.1 ] machine lock problem [Urgent]

Hello, these are not the same computers that have these configurations. Old computers have the ocs agent and the new fusion. I do not see why this would be in conflict? Thank you


#4 2018-03-15 21:43:45

From: Germany
Registered: 2010-03-05
Posts: 622

Re: [GLPI 9.2.1 ] machine lock problem [Urgent]

Maybe yllen means the plugin on glpi server. If i understand it correct you can't use ocs and fusion on the same glpi server.

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