Topic: Problem with Fusioninventory deployment


I'm writing this because i need to deploy a FI agent on every windows computer of my company. I use the vbs script that is in the fusion inventory website with these parameters :

SetupVersion = "2.3.18"

SetupLocation = "https://github.com/tabad/fusioninventory-agent-windows-installer/releases/download/" & SetupVersion

SetupArchitecture = "Auto"

SetupOptions = "/acceptlicense /runnow /server='https://glpi.mycompany.fr/glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/' /S"

Setup = "fusioninventory-agent_windows-" & SetupArchitecture & "_" & SetupVersion & ".exe"

Force = "No"

Verbose = "No"

When i do a gpupdate, i see my GPO. But the fusion inventory agent is still not install...

Can you help me ?

PS : Sorry for my English..