Topic: Body Text Is Lost

Here, at Seplag, we are facing a little problem, when creating ticket via email:
when thus and exist graphics (not as attachment; embedded in email´s body), text from body email comes truncated. GLPI creates a link to image, solely. We loose all body´s content, except image itself (via link).
Is there a way to solve this?
Thanks in advance.

GLPI  Ver:0.85.4

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Re: Body Text Is Lost

Same problem here - no one has a clue? An email forwarded by someone to the inbox that is used to create a ticket automatically cuts the email and consequently the forwarded part of mail text is lost. Images are saved in the ticket.


Re: Body Text Is Lost

GLPI  Ver: 9.1.2

The problem not solved.

Text after image in the body of forwarded mail is lost. sad((


Re: Body Text Is Lost

Do you use rich text in your GLPI's configuration?

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