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Good day, I have two questions:

1) Do you know if exists any plugin that I can use like a Chat inside GLPI?
2) I have a mix of languaje (spanish and english) in my labels, If I want to change all the labels to spanish I have to change the source code or I can do it for configuration or I have to change some labels using the config in GLPI and others changing the source code?

I'm using GLPI 0.84.2



Re: Chat in GLPI and Change Labels

1. i don't know
2. If you have english labels it's because all spanish labels are not translated.
You can help us to the translation in this language (https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/GLPI/)

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Re: Chat in GLPI and Change Labels

If you want to change the labels an custom your language, you must change the content of files .PO files (you must identify the file of our language selected), and when you've made your changes, you must convert to .MO file and overwrite the files. The PO and MO files are in "locales" folder. I've made changes and it works perfectly.

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Re: Chat in GLPI and Change Labels

For chat, i should say no, i made some poc but nothing serious.

For change locales (core only), you can use this plugin : http://plugins.glpi-project.org/#/plugin/renamer


Re: Chat in GLPI and Change Labels

how about chatmanager?

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Re: Chat in GLPI and Change Labels

and this