Topic: Instructions on translating documentation


I currently translate GLPI's webui and I'm willing to contribute translating documentation for Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR).  So, I have two questions:

1) I notice there is a documentation in wiki and also in github (glpi-doc reposittory). Which one should be translated?

2) Where can I find instructions on translating documentation? if not written, can someone please enlighten me?


Re: Instructions on translating documentation

1) documentation in github (markdown)
2) new documentation in mardown is not still finished but the beginning is OK (i'm on Configuration part)

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Re: Instructions on translating documentation

yllen, thanks for the fast reply.  I'll wait a litlle more then.

If is not too much to ask, please write instructions for translators (when you feel is the right time, of course) providing at least superficial information on how glpi-devs would like to receive contributions (Github pull request, send tarball to somewhere, transifex, etc.),  how to translate (what to copy, what terms should NOT be translated, etc.) and whatever you feel it would be interesting.

The idea of this is to make easier for translators to just read and go ahead translating, avoiding repeated question of "what and how".  smile