Topic: All tickets have lost the "Supplier" assignment after software upgrade

In our system "Supplier" = "Customer that we do jobs for"

My boss has recently upgraded our version of GLPI from "unknown prior version" to "0.84.70"

All tickets prior to the upgrade date have the correct group and users assigned to them but the Supplier has been lost.

He has stricken me with resolving the issues or reassigning them manually.  There are over 14,000 tickets that has lost supplier association.

I have attempted to go into Assistance/Tickets then do a search for Title (we put the supplier in the title field) containing "Supplier".  This pulls up all the tickets that were created with the suppliers name that was manually entered by the techs in the title.  Once it shows the list of tickets, I can Check one, then click Actions/Add an Actor/Assigned To/   But the "supplier" option is not available.  Only  "group" and "user" are options.    I have also gone through all of the other actions available and could not find the action that we need.

We really need a MASS way to reassign suppliers to tickets.

Is there anything that can be done?

Any help would help me out tremendously.



Re: All tickets have lost the "Supplier" assignment after software upgrade


First I must correct myself.  We upgraded to version 84.3.  So I don't know if 84.7 resolves this issue. 

I use Firefox all the time. And I use firebug to modify websites in realtime to test. I was able to select multiple tickets then click action/add  an actor/assigned to/ then right clicked on "group" and clicked inspect element in firebug. From there it opened my firebug console.  I modified the option value "group" to supplier and it modified my assigned to list with my entire supplier list.

After a few strategic search queries I was able to update over 1500 tickets with the correct suppliers in about an hour.

Just some tricks for anyone who might ever need it.