Topic: Consumable stock

I want to manage de consumable items to know if it´s possible to transfer a part of a consumable item to another entitie? by example, if I have 10 toners in my principal entity and I transfer 4 to the branch entity, when I si in my principal I will see 6 toner available and in the branch 4.

By other side, I would like to assign the consumables by a ticket, is this possible??

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Re: Consumable stock

The transfer is possible... however, I don't know if tickets can actually change the data in other database tables.

For the first question - you should be able to re-assign the entity and divide it up by physical location... but I'm not sure how to split them up.

The second question is not possible as far as I know.

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Re: Consumable stock

Thans for your answer, I´m trying to admin the stock by entities, but now I would like to know how to transfer a consumable item? when I try to assign a consumable, I only can do it to a user or group of the entity that I´m using, is it possible to transfer items and how can I do that? and I can assign a consumable to a material of the inventory and how I can do that? Where I can configure it?

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Re: Consumable stock

You can't. You only can give a consumable to a group or a user.
You want to givewhich type of consumable for which type of material of the inventory ?

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