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#1 2013-10-10 10:33:36

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How to modify interface of GLPI?

Hello everyone,

Is there any one who know how to modify interface of GLPI ?
For exemple, if we want to modify interface of contract, which files exact need we touch?

Urgent for me ..



#2 2013-10-10 10:48:24

From: Romania
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Re: How to modify interface of GLPI?

It is a little more complicated.
You have two folders: inc and front.

In .inc you have the classes that do the inner workings of GLPI. If you are familiar with the model/view/controller (which was not yet invented the time GLPI was started), these would be the controller (for doing business logic stuff) and the model (working with the GLPI objects/database).

And then you have the .front folder that generally does interface, but not always.

To modify one screen, the contracts for example, check the browser address for which php file is used and then go from there.

For instance, the ticket form in ticket.form.php is generated mainly in commonitilobject.php

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