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#1 2013-08-16 19:14:18

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Master/Slave GLPI with multiglpi plugin


I'm Marcelo Carvalho, live from Brazil. Can you help in an 'almost answered before' question?

I want to set up a second GLPI server in a master/slave fashion.

How can I setup both to...

- Internal clients will open tickets in master server
- External clients will open tickets in slave server and can only use a subset of server ticket categories present in master server

- Our support team logs in in master server web interface and see/solve/close tickets from both servers. All the status changes in 'slave' tickets are pushed back to the slave so our external clients can track their progress.

I'm already reading about the multiglpi plugin and ready to play with it. Any suggetions, advices, guidelines?

Best regards,


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